Florida Walmart sells antibiotic & hormone free chickens


2/3/10 – Most of our reporting on America’s Food system is extremely concerning because for the most part it is a story about natural resource and health destruction. I am therefore anxious to report that most of the chicken sold by Walmart at their superstore just below Englewood, Florida during our winter vacation on Florida’s West Coast was produced by Harvest Land of Horsham PA. This is obviously a co-op since each of our chickens have had a different farmers name on the label. The label words naturally, humanely, and cage free raised have no real meaning however antibiotic and hormone free also on the label have major health significance and most likely come from a less dense CAFO environment than typical for our area of the Delmarva Peninsula. These broilers averaged about 4 pounds and were selling for 1.47 per pound. There was a continuous supply during our 1st month of vacation which was about double the number of Perdue and Tyson Broilers which were selling in an adjacent bin for 95 cents per pound.

The eating quality of these birds is outstanding and we highly recommend. We have not been able to communicate with the company for further details but we do know that these chickens do not come from members of the Delmarva Poultry Association which is actively fighting legislation to ban antibiotics and growth hormones. It is also significant that Walmart is provided residents of Maryland’s Eastern Shore an oportunity to eat chicken which is not destroying local topsoil and is not destroying water quality in the Choptank and other Eastern shore Rivers and streams. Walmart and the buyers of these chickens should be congratulated for this.

Submitted by Donald R. Kerstetter, Trappe Landing Farm & Native Sanctuary


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