The following 7 issues are affecting all of us now to some degree but what does the destruction of our natural resources and our health mean to future generations? Some of these issues are now receiving attention. Most are not. Only an enlightened consumer can make a difference at this time. Thanks to the following for recent major network coverage.

Katy Couric did a segment on the use of antibiotics in and pathogens generated by animal production facilities on CBS evening news on Feb. 9, 2010 and on the same evening PBS news interviewed Mrs Obama on her new campaign to fight childhood obesity. On Jan 27 Oprah interviewed Michael Pollan. She asked him how we will feed a growing population if we changed from the corn based system which is so problematic to health. His answer was that if people demanded healthy food farmers would produce healthy food. He pointed out that while Americans spend a low 9% of their income on food today they spend 19% on health care. These numbers are just the reverse of what they were 50 years ago. He did not mention or place a value on the other major consequences.

1. More than 50% of the Nations topsoil has been lost due to denuding vast areas of the land surface area to plant corn. See reference 51, 52, 53

2. All major corn producing States except one are losing soil fertility as measured by loss of Soil Carbon by ignoring nutrient replacement lacking in chemical fertilizers. This destruction of our soil is irreversible without major change in production methods or a return to pasture production See reference 50

3. The eutrification of rivers, streams and estuaries in the greater Midwest including the Gulf of Mexico caused by a 9 fold increase in nutrient application mostly to corn have substantially destroyed these waterways as a species habitat. About half of the corn is used in animal CAFO’s and half for corn syrup and 13 other corn products used in processed food. The city of Des Moines IA was forced to install the worlds largest nitrate removal system to avoid major death syndrome in children. See references 30, 31

4, All East coast Estuaries including the Chesapeake Bay have been substantially destroyed as species habitat by chicken, dairy and hog CAFO’s and the production of corn feed. References 32, 33, 35. Also see the EPA nutrient load charts for the Bay.

5. Animal CAFO’s are perfect pathogen Incubators producing trillions of pathogens, which are transmitted by air to neighbors, workers and thence to hospitals.

MRSA (the hospital pathogen kills more people each year than aids). Corn fed cattle produce e-coli in their hindgut, which is impossible to control particularly in hamburger. See reference 2, and 21 from Johns Hopkins University.

6. All CAFO’s use regular dosage of antibiotics in feed, which is producing antibiotic immunity to some degree in humans.

7. America is the most obese society in the world. Particularly disturbing is that 19% of our children are obese. See Wall street Journal Opinion Reference 17



  1. Charlene Edwards Says:

    Interesting, my husband and I started eating grass fed meat only and much less corn-based processed food this year. Both of us had substantially lower cholesterol in recent tests, also better liver function and lower blood pressure.

  2. kerstis Says:

    In a recent interview with Oprah author Michael Pollan said that our food system has brought food cost down to an all time low of 9% of income but that medical cost is now 19% of income. This is just reverse of 40 years ago when industrial production began. He also said that if people demanded healthy food farmers would produce healthy food. This echos the words of a cattle feed lot owner in King Corn.” If people want grass fed beef we would produce grass fed beef but it is definitely more expensive.”

  3. Al Matarazzo Says:

    The website looks great. A lot of info to digest and I love the Food
    > section. My wife and I are HUGE advocates of eating clean and
    > sustainable food production. I have been advocating stream
    > stewardship for years now…..We will both review and get back to you

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