Nothing would do more to solve  major health and environmental problems caused by industrial food production than a return to pasture raised animal production. Examples; rather than losing topsoil by denuding fields to grow corn modern intensive grazing systems can build as much as 10 inches of topsoil a year.  Grass fed cattle products have 7 times less saturated fat than corn fed. Grass fed products have omega 3 and CLA both lacking in the American corn based diet. Corn fed cattle produce e-coli in their hindgut which is impossible to control particularly in hamburger. Raising animals in their own feces in CAFO’s generates trillions of pathogens including MRSA (the hospital pathogen) which kills more people each year than aids. The USDA up until now has never enforced the pasture provision required by the organic label. After 4 years working with NOC, it appears that USDA will begin requiring minimal time on pasture for cattle, sheep and goats. While this rule only applies to ruminant animals it is a good start and we look forward to similar rules for organic chickens and hogs. For more information contact. NOC at


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