National Organic Coalition Comment


Don —
After reading your blog, I realized you might be interested in a tidbit about the ‘pasture’ rule.  In the Q&A [] about the rule, and in direct questions to the NOP Director, Miles McEvoy about the rule, they acknowledged that it actually covered all animals to some extent:

From the Q&A:
"Do the provisions in this rule apply only to ruminant livestock?
A: This rule provides clarification to provisions for livestock feed and living conditions that are applicable to all livestock; however, the provisions for management on pasture, daily grazing throughout the grazing season, and pasture practice standard are for ruminant animals only.
4. Q: What are the main clarifications within this rule that apply to all livestock?
Pasture Rule – FAQs 2
A: The rule stipulates that continuous total confinement of any animal indoors is
….”  [formatting added by me]

How they enforce/implement this remains to be seen, but this is extremely important as we move forward in animal standards in the organic rule.

thanks again,


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