Company contacted on 2/18/10
1. Chickens raised in Cromwell KY
2. Spokeswomen assures that chickens have plenty of room in football field size facility. Visitors not allowed.
3. Walmart appears to be the only retail outlet.
4. She gets to Salisbury a lot.
5. The disposition of contaminated chickens when antibiotics are used to save the flock is confidential.Sold to private buyers
Conclusions and questions:
Appears to be the same old confinement chicken grown without hormones and antibiotics.

Is this a market test by Perdue or Walmart?

Is the 50% price differential an indication of attrition?

This is a step in the right direction certainly in the interest of consumer health but it does not solve the severe soil, water quality destruction issues in East Coast estuaries caused by chicken production nor the damage done by trillions of pathogens generated by these facilities.



  1. Ben Says:

    Thanks for your insights into Harvestland. FYI, We Just discovered this brand being sold at BJ’s in Westminster MD.

  2. Ben Says:

    Just came across this:
    Class action suit filed against 3rd largest chicken co. over ‘humane’ claim
    Dr. Temple Grandin says welfare guidelines ‘so lax’ even plants, farms with ‘really bad practices’ pass

    by Sustainable Food News
    November 29, 2010
    Apparently Harvestland is a brand of Perdue Farms.

  3. vimax Says:

    Im muitas vezes para os blogs e eu realmente reconhecer seu conteúdo. O artigo tem muito picos de meu interesse. Vou marcar o seu site e preservar a verificação de informações novas.

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