Couric Interviews Kessler & Schlosser on Obesity


CBS Evening News 2/16/10
In this interview both authors reinforce Dr. Kessler’s assertion in his book, The End of Overeating (see reference #14) that food companies are using fat, sugar and salt in just the right proportions to appeal to the consumer’s pleasure center and bypass the bodies natural stop mechanism. In other words whether intentional or not we are being manipulated to sell food. Couric opens the interview by citing these facts.
68% of American adults are overweight
33% of American adults are obese
20% of children are obese
Average weight of women age 29-30 increased 30 pounds in the last 40 years

She asked the question. What’s going on here?

Short answer:
Americans are eating too much bad food because bad food is cheap, readily available and cleverly marketed. Writers note: most of this bad food is processed using 14 ingredients made from corn. Early bad eating habits once established plague people the rest of their lives. As a result our generation has developed a culture that increasingly trends toward obesity. Couric also asked for their views on regular dosage of food animal antibiotics, high fructose corn syrup, and genetically modified food. View the full interview at:;promo

Solutions: Truth in marketing and labeling is necessary to make it possible to differentiate between nutritious and non-nutritious food. Also a change in public attitude toward overeating of bad food is necessary. The model, although not exactly the same, could be the public change in attitude, which occurred toward the cigarette industry. Overeating bad food must be viewed as not cool by an overwhelming number of educated consumers.

A lot is covered in this interview. It will be interesting to hear what others took from this interesting interview.
Don Kerstetter


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  1. kerstis Says:

    Note that I am just learning word press and have not figured out how to use the hyperlink function. So those who want to see the full interview please copy the address into your address bar.

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