Tenderizing-More on E. Coli


We have said in past comments about E. Coli in beef products that the risk is mostly with hambuger because the contamination on the outside of beef cuts such as steaks and roasts is usually destroyed by cooking, while the grinding process used to produce hamburger distributes the organism throughout the meat. The center of any beef cut might not attain 160 degrees for sufficient time to kill E. Coli. All industrial animals are grown in CAFOs described by Johns Hopkins School Of Public Health as perfect pathogen incubators (reference # 21) and all are heavily contaminated with their own feces. Corn fed ruminant animals such as cattle are further contaminated in their hindgut due to their unnatural grain diet. The needling process described in the attached article can put E. Coli in the middle of any beef cut. Needling is apparently used mostly by restaurants. Please review the article by clicking on:



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