Recent actions by the Waterkeepers Alliance gives hope to some of us who have come to believe that we the people do not have the political will to face up to the Bay’s large polluters. The EPA’s recently published nutrient load charts for Chesapeake Bay not only shows the location of polluters but who they are. We will have more on this in a future post. The Choptank River Eastern Bay Conservancy (waterkeepers) Spring news letter makes some important points.

Drew Koslow, the Choptank waterkeeper, said “sometimes gentle urging and courteous dialog is not enough. When more is required ,as here, we want our rivers to have a voice that will not shrink from controversy”.

Tim Junkin’s article on politicians and watermelons is right on. I am a registered Republican and I am embarrassed by recent statements by all of our Eastern Shore Delegation. Both major parties have been essentially absent from meaningful actions that would help the Bay. The most recent is the O’Malley administrations cave in to chicken CAFO polluters after starting a permitting process. Perhaps Industrial chicken production is  the largest pollution source overall in the Bay Watershed particularly if one considers the Chicken CAFO’s demand for corn. Is there a compromise that can be negotiated with Big chicken? Certainly not with bumper stickers, rhetoric, righteous  speeches, off target lawsuits all of which have failed.

Keep up the good work Waterkeepers. Lets all support them by giving our environmental donations to a potential winner not a decades long demonstrated loser in the fight to save the Bay.

I challenge the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Republican Eastern Shore Delegation to respond I would send them an e-mail but they have conveniently changed their addresses.


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