The Pew Commission Ref #1 stated that CAFO food products were not cheap except to the consumer because of government subsidies, and the cost to our natural resources such as our soil and estuaries like Chesapeake Bay. So it is interesting to compare the cost to the consumer. Yesterday I went to Walmarts to compare C&J prices.

Walmarts price for chuck roast was 4.78/lb versus 4.25 for C&J

Walmarts price for Delmonico steak was 9.54/lb versus 8.00 for C&J

Walmarts price for Angus beef patties was 3.50/lb versus 4.50 for C&J

Walmarts price for bulk lean ground beef was 3.78/lb versus 4.25 for C&J

Walmarts price for Egglands best organic eggs was 4.08 versus C&J 4.00/doz. note Walmart had large eggs for 1.50/doz.. These eggs are produced by hens who  live? in a small cage and are fed antibiotics, arsenic growth enhancer, and who knows what else. This system of egg production was condemned by the Pew Commission as being one of the worst examples of mans inhumanity to animals. This system of egg production is now banned in California and other States. Anyone who eats these eggs with knowledge of how they are grown should be jailed as an animal abuser.

Considering that the beef has 7 times less saturated fat, is high in CLA and omega 3 and is grown in a way that builds topsoil, and is nutrient neutral, what a value! The only downside is finding these farmers. The eat wild website can be helpful in this regard. Just go to the related links on our website.



  1. Wells Hively Says:

    Now we’re really getting somewhere! How about putting up a network of local farm direct suppliers like C&J on your blog. You could be the Angie’s list of good food.

  2. kerstis Says:

    I will be doing just that but don’t expect the list to grow very fast as I must visit each site and determine how they are protecting the soil and the water. I am also faced with a dilemma. There are two farms that I have visited who have one important deficiency but are doing most things right and are a vast improvement over industrial farming. I hope they will give me permission to list them including the deficiency. We will see.

  3. Wells Hively Says:

    Why don’t you just describe the positives and the negatives instead of wanting every farm to meet all criteria? I wonder if there are other folks making up similar lists in other parts of the country?

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