Taking a bad Concept and Making it Worse


When soils scientists Magdoff/Van Es who wrote the book Sustainable Soils Management recently republished by USDA/SARE state that half the farmland in the US is being destroyed by erosion their criteria is an erosion rate exceeding 5-tons per acre per year. Is that rate acceptable from our Creeks perspective? Our Creek is 2.5 miles long and the watershed has 2600 acres of tilled farmland. This acceptable rate of field loss produces 650 large dump trucks of topsoil per year dumped into LaTrappe Creek. Denuding vast areas of the earths surface in the US to plant row crops is a bad idea being compounded by allowing a two crop or less management system which has live roots 32% or less of the time. Magdoff/Van Es state that erosion is a function of live roots in the ground. Simply increasing to a 3 crop rotation would more than double the live roots to 76% of the time. Industrial agriculture always driven by cheap has taken a flawed concept and further compounded it by taking shortcuts, which exacerbate its damage. Its time for regulators to do their job and regulate but also regulate from a water quality perspective.


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