Stop Subsidizing Unhealthy Food Production


Augest 3, 2010


Dear Agricultural Committee Member,

I suppose one could defend the nationwide destruction of our two most important natural resources, our water and our topsoil on the basis of human need for food if this were indeed true. But the truth is that high saturated fat meat and dairy, plus the fat/sugar laced processed food produced by our corn based agricultural system and dominant in supermarkets is also destroying our health and we the taxpayers are paying for this destructive food system through the use of our taxes for grain subsidies. Now with the 2010 Health Care Bill our taxes are being used to treat diseases directly produced by government subsidized corn based unhealthy food. There is no question that our current system produces a great volume of food. The question a member of the Agricultural Committees and all members  need to answer: Is a huge volume of unhealthy food good for our Country? Before you finalize a 2012 farm bill isn’t it important to know if you are voting for a continuation of unhealthy food production and the continuation of the destruction of our soil, our water species, the Chesapeake Bay and The Gulf of Mexico and all upstream watersheds feeding these Estuaries?

If as the writer suspects, the Congress does not have the political courage to completely stop institutionalized grain subsidies, then at least require recipients of tax money to adopt crop rotations recommended by USDA soil scientists and a reduction in fertilizer application rates as recommended by The Gulf Hypoxia Report prepared by scientists during the Clinton Administration. Ill-advised government spending programs usually just involve rip-off of taxpayer’s money. In the case of farm bills going back to the 60’s they have not only been taxpayer rip-offs but directly responsible for loss of our irreplaceable topsoil and water assets, plus our health. All references supporting these allegations can be found on our website at:


2 Responses to “Stop Subsidizing Unhealthy Food Production”

  1. kerstis Says:

    The following members of Congress received this letter at their home office. Senators- Lincoln AR, Harkin IO, Leahy VM, Conrad ND, Baucus MT, Stabenow MI, Nelson NE, Brown OH, Casey PA, Gillibrand NY, Mikulsky MD, Lugar IN, Mcconnell KY, Grassley IO, Thune SD . House Members-Peterson MN, Baca CA, Cardoza CA, Ellsworth IN, Halverson IL, Dahlkemper PA, Kratovil MD, Van Holland MD, Guillibrand NY, Sarbanes MD,Goodlatte VA, Graves MO,

  2. Wells Hively Says:

    Bravo Don! I’ll sign a petition!

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