ANIMAL FACTORY- A very important book


Swine flu, bird flu, unusual concentrations of cancer. Asthma, and MRSA. Antibiotic contamination resulting in ineffectiveness for human use. Turning streams into sewers. Loss of underwater grass habitat, Massive fish kills from flesh eating parasites. Memory loss and lesions suffered by fisherman, Recalls of meats, vegetables, and fruits because of e-coli contamination. Animals living in sewage and caked with their own feces, The all night wail of abused pigs living in tortuous conditions. Arsenic, antibiotics and growth hormones contaminating our soil and groundwater. Feeding chicken feces and cattle parts to CAFO cattle resulting in mad cow disease even in walking cattle with only a question of time until the disease affects humans. Leaking lakes of sewage and sewage sprayed into the air for broad transmission everywhere. Blowing ammonia gas, MRSA and other pathogens, antibiotic and growth hormones into the air for long distance transmission. Over application of nutrients to farm fields and contamination of aquifers. Dividing the citizens and destroying the economies of rural communities.

David Kirby in this well researched book not only describes the terrible, anti- nature, conditions in America’s CAFOs, and surrounding communities, but he gives us an insight into the background of anti- CAFO activists, most of whom are farmers, who have banned together for change. Their website is Socially Responsible Agriculture. You can access from our website reference page.

David Kirby- I am not a vegetarian and you will occasionally find me in a fast food line. However everywhere I went during the three years that I wrote this book the story was the same. CAFO’s had fouled the air, spoiled the water, threatened property values, changed the face of local agriculture and made lives miserable for thousands of people and millions of animals, except for those who profited.

Post author Don Kerstetter- I am a conservative like many of the farmer activists cited in this book. I most often vote Republican. The US food production system is a prime example of the strength of the free enterprise system, the most powerful economic engine the world has ever known. The food system is innovative and brilliant in many ways and of course it is providing plenty of cheap animal food. However, without proper controls this strength can trample the rights of others. George W. Bush did not understand this and my vote for him in 2004 was in hindsight a mistake. Modern Industrial food production, including corn feed production the nations largest nitrogen pollution source and destroyer of our topsoil nationwide is not covered in this book. The system is trampling our right to clean air, clean water, national topsoil retention, and most importantly the rights of our animal friends who sustain us. In addition food animals fattened on yellow dent high sugar content corn in sedentary conditions are up to 7 times higher in saturated fat than pasture raised animals and are a major contributor to our now decreasing longevity and increasing health care cost. Clearly major controls and changes are necessary.  (See our site for the source of local Delmarva pasture farmers).


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