Salmonella-One Bad Person or a Failed Industry


As reported extensively, three hundred million contaminated eggs have sickened more than 2000 people. Most of the eggs were sold under 12 brand names at Safeway, Trader Joes, Walmart, Albertsons, Costco, Ralph’s and others. Potentially thousands of restaurants could be serving contaminated eggs. The source was Jack DeCoster’s facility in Galt Iowa. The eggs were produced by hens that live? in battery cages, which have been called out as inhumane by the Pew Commission and banned in California. California also recently banned importation of caged eggs from out of State producers. It should be pointed out that a battery cage is 8.2”X 8.2” and confinement house density is about the same 67 square inches. But does elimination of caged egg production really solve the bacteria contamination problem? I don’t think so. Severe overcrowding in CAFOs adjacent to manure lagoons, both cited as perfect pathogen incubators by John Hopkins School of Public Health is problematic. High velocity fans pumping pathogens into the surrounding atmosphere is infecting flies, workers, and neighbors.  Infected people are contaminating hospitals and clinics (see our reference #21). But bad as repeat violator Jack Decoster is this is just the tip of a very large iceberg when considering the loss of our topsoil, our national water resources caused by corn feed production and our epidemics of obesity and diabetes caused by eating corn fed high saturated fat animal products and corn based fat and sugar laced processed food which dominates the nations supermarkets. The attached article written by Tom Philpott food editor of Grist magazine is the best of those that I have read. I would add to Tom Philpott’s conclusion. The Food Industry is violating many of nature’s laws in addition to the indiscriminant use of chemicals and the laws of basic soil science. It’s an industry desperately in need of controls.

Salmonella by Grist food editor- Tom Philpott


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