CAFO Torture- Review of Two Books


Why we love Dogs, Eat Pigs, Wear Cows—— Eating Animals

Following our review of the book Animal Factory we decided to look further into the subject of humane treatment in CAFOs by reviewing the above two books. There have been an amazing number of books on the subject recently which is an indicator of publishers interest in the subject but perhaps not Carnists. Identical details of the torturous, unsanitary conditions in America’s CAFOs are described in both books mostly by employees many who participate in the torture. Why do they torture and why do Americans turn a blind eye to the following?

Using rods thrust into orifices to prod pigs into Cages, Why cages?

Using electric prods and loaders to push large animals to the head- knocker

Large animals semiconscious while skinning and cutting off body parts

The hydraulic head-knocker is problematic. Why not find another method?

Extensive breaking of chicken’s legs during the catching process

Terrorizing chickens by extended hanging upside down

Putting live chickens into the scalder

Chilling chickens in an ice water fecal broth thus adding e-coli and weight

Freezing starving pigs to death killing many during transport to slaughter


Most employees are not sadistic but some are. Employees who kill as many as 2000 animals a day can become killers or they must similar to battlefield soldiers employ psychic numbing a process by which we disconnect, mentally and emotionally from our experiences. Moving animals who weigh as much as 1000 pounds into a cage or to the head knocker or hanging live chickens on a conveyor is cruel and unusual and violates the law. Many animals seem to know when they hear the terrified screams of those ahead that the worse is yet to come. Pigs are particularly smart and aware. Melonie Joy the author of Eating Pigs tells about the lovable playfull nature of pigs who are smart enough to play computer games and hit their target 80% of the time. The author cites evidence that supports that chickens and cows are not stupid and are gental animals who want to be the friends of humans. Ms. Joy believes that consumers also employ psychic numbing in order to eat meat which they love. They are also unaware and don’t want to know or understand that the CAFO system is the most inhumane concept the world has ever known abusing 10 billion animals per year. Mahatma Gandhi said: “The Greatness of a Nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way its animals are treated.”

In Eating Animals by Foer the author also spends time with a pasture turkey farmer who really cares about his animals and spends extra money to make sure they are never hung upside down and are killed humanely. Also Rancher Bill Niman whose network of family farmers are grossing 100 million dollars while allowing animals to be animals while they are alive.

We call for  Congressional hearings. Employees quoted in these two books should be given immunity from prosecution and testify which will hopefully lead to desperately needed changes.


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