Salmonella Jack Testifies Another takes the 5th


Jack DeCoster’s companies now operating in Iowa and formerly on Maryland’s Eastern Shore supply about 10% of supermarket eggs in the US. He uses battery cage (8.2X8.2 inches) technology in facilities that are rodent and maggot infested and dominated by the animals manure. The animals are fed regular dosage of antibiotics but many die prematurely. Often the carcass rots for days before removal. His eggs cost about ten cents each and are still sold by Safeway, Costco, Ralph’s, Marc’s, Walmart, and Albertsons. Trader Joes and Fareway have decided to discontinue distribution. DeCoster sells eggs under many brand names including Wright’s Family Farm. California has banned both production and distribution of cage produced eggs. Other States are following. Recently I had a conversation with a backyard hen owner and compared my experience having owned hens at age 10 with her current experience. Contrary to popular belief these animals are not stupid and if you care for them they bond to you and you get to know them as individuals. We both agreed that DeCoster or anyone else who treats animals this way belongs in a cage himself. They should be prosecuted the same as the NFL Quarterback who just finished his time. I can understand why Hillandale’s owner took the 5th. These operations and many others providing cheap animal products are in violation of animal abuse laws. See the report of DeCoster testimony by clicking the highlighted text. We should not depend on Government oversight. Each of us must take the responsibility for knowing the grower of our food and determining that person’s integrity. It is becoming very clear that this due diligence cannot happen at most of today’s supermarkets with exception of some markets in California who put the name of the grower on many products and most animal products.


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