CHINA STUDY-Cancer Cell Promotion Plus


This book takes a three-pronged look at the cause of major US. diseases. The first part starts in 1967 and describes Colin Campbell PhD’s 27 years of work in laboratory studies at MIT, Cornell and VA Tech working with laboratory rats where he demonstrated that he could promote or retard the growth of induced cancerous liver tumors in rats by increasing or decreasing the amount of ingested animal protein including the casein found in milk. He also found that high levels of plant protein did not stimulate the growth of liver tumors. He then expanded his lab studies to other cancers and other diseases including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, alzheimers and eye diseases. He reached the same conclusion that high animal protein diets practiced by most Americans were the likely major cause of the high incidence of all major diseases.

But these conclusions were based on animal studies in laboratories. While studies in rats are generally recognized to be highly predictable of results in humans, Campbell realized that his work would generate a lot of skeptics and would not be accepted without extensive human research leading to the second phase of his study, the China phase. In 1970 Chou EnLai was dying of cancer and ordered a study of 12 different kinds of cancer in 2400 Chinese counties. A Chinese scientist came to the US in the early 80s to work in Campbell’s lab. This led to collaboration with the Chinese, which led to the largest human study ever conducted which confirmed Campbell’s laboratory conclusions.

The third phase of the book is devoted to other scientific work, which supports the China Study conclusions. Americans on average eat 70 grams of animal protein per day, twice as much as other developed countries and 3 times more than their health need. In order to produce this level of animal protein we are over applying fertilizer and other chemicals many carcinogenic that are being ingested in the food we eat and are in the air we breathe. We are the most obese country in the World with the highest health care cost. We are polluting every river and estuary East of the Rockies with the excess nutrient and the sediment from farm fields mostly to produce animal feed. We are taking unacceptable short cuts in tilled soil management and have lost half our topsoil nationally. Ten billion animals are being abused yearly in CAFOs. To add insult to injury our tax dollars are being used to support the whole mess rather than having addicted consumer’s pay the real cost, as we now do with addicted cigarette smokers. Does this make any sense at all?

Posted by Donald R. Kerstetter


2 Responses to “CHINA STUDY-Cancer Cell Promotion Plus”

  1. Wells Hively Says:

    Thank you. I’m ashamed that I missed this one.

  2. John Henry Says:

    Don, What a great website you have put together on some very important issues of valuable concern. It is amazing how large of a study they put together in China. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of The China Study.

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