THE CHINA STUDY- Part One Introduction


When a leading agronomist read the paper” America’s Failed Food Production System” which initiated our website his comment was “How can we feed a growing population if we were to return to the agriculture that was practiced when I was a kid?” What we both missed is that plant food is still grown the old fashion way and fruit is still grown on trees and vines the old fashioned way except for the chemicals that are used to control weeds and bugs which are also problematic. It is only animal food production that has changed, dominated field production, and resulted in people in the US consuming double the animal protein consumed by most of the world. The corn used to feed the animals dominates field production and along with the animal manure generated by CAFO’s is the greatest source of nutrient pollution of every river and estuary East of the Rockies. Short cuts in tilled farming rotations are causing the US to lose its topsoil which is estimated to be half lost. Corn feed, chicken, hogs and cattle production are particularly destructive to estuaries like Chesapeake Bay which receive river pollution. So the question should not be about most food but only about animal protein production.

Colin Campbell the son of a dairy farmer earned his PhD at Cornell University in biochemistry and nutrition studying ways to produce more animal protein which at the time most people agreed was the answer to malnutrition in many of the world’s children. Curious about the connection between animal protein and cancer found by Indian scientists and his own observations of childhood cancers in affluent children while studying malnutrition of children in the early 70’s, Colin Campbell spent his professional career focused on lab studies and on the largest human epidemiology study ever conducted on the relationship between animal protein and common cancers, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, bone, kidney, eye and autoimmune diseases.

Since animal protein production, CAFO chicken production in our watershed, is so important to our mission to restore LaTrappe Creek we will review The China Study and present other opinions over several posts. We will start with the three stages of cancer, which is where Dr. Campbell’s research started in the early 70’s.



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  1. stacy Says:

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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