The Role of Animal Protein in Cancer Initiation


Cancer proceeds through 3 stages; initiation, promotion, and progression. To use a rough analogy, the cancer process is similar to planting a lawn. Initiation is when you put the seed in the soil, promotion is when the grass starts to grow when conditions of moisture and sun are just right, and progression is when the grass gets completely out of control, invading the driveway, the shrubbery and the sidewalk. Chemicals that initiate the process are called carcinogens. Dr. Campbell’s research discovered 5 ways that an excess of animal protein in the diet can influence each stage.

The carcinogens’ that start the process are often byproducts of industrial processes. The documentary Big River a sequel to King Corn, revealed research by Dr. John Wargo at Yale University which focused on atrazine a chemical spray widely used to kill weeds during June in agricultural areas throughout the Country and is thought to be responsible for the cancer epidemic in Iowa. We also have a high rate of cancer on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Anyone residing in a farming area is exposed to this chemical spray. Anyone traveling down Route 301 to the Eastern Shore or anyone traveling from Washington to Ocean City on Route 50 while farm fields are being sprayed in June is exposed to this chemical. Obviously everyone of the thousands of people exposed to atrazine do not get cancer. Why?

The body has a defense mechanism for exposure to chemicals. There is an enzyme called MFO, which is responsible for metabolizing chemicals, friend or foe, that enter the body. Paradoxically, this enzyme both detoxifies and produces a toxic byproduct called aflatoxin, which attacks the cell DNA and causes irreversible damage to the cell. This research in laboratory rats reported by Dr Campbell in 1976 showed that this enzyme activity was dramatically increased by levels of animal protein common to the level in the diet of Americans today and was not increased by low levels of animal protein or plant protein. In effect the bodies complex defense mechanizism has been co-opted and used against the body when excess animal protein is consumed.

In order to produce the current level of animal protein we are applying 3 times more chemical fertilizer to corn feed than the corn can use in normal rainfall years. In drought years almost all of the applied nitrogen leaches into aquifers and eventually reaches surface water where it is destroying all water species. We are also taking short cuts in crop rotation to produce corn feed, which is destroying our soil carbon, which leads to high levels of erosion. The manure generated by CAFOs is adding to the nitrogen saturation of aquifers and runoff of species destroying phosphorous.    An unanticipated level of animal protein consumption than our creator anticipated causes all of this destruction. In short our addiction to high levels of meat and dairy products is destroying our most important natural resources and our health.



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