COLIN CAMPBELL PhD-Diet and health?


What has become so convincing about the effect of diet on health is the breath of the evidence. While a single study might be found to support any idea under the sun, what are the chances that hundreds even thousands of different studies show a protective benefit of plant based foods while and/or harmful effects of animal-based foods for so many different diseases? We can’t say it’s due to coincidence, bad data, biased research, misinterpreted statistics or “playing with numbers.” This has got to be the real deal.

These comments come halfway through the book China Study:

To show you just how strong this evidence is, I will cover five more seemingly unrelated diseases common to America: osteoporosis, kidney stones, blindness, cognitive dysfunction, alzheimer’s disease, need for hip replacement These disorders are not often fatal and are often regarded as inevitable consequences of aging but as we shall see even these diseases have a dietary link.

While many people are trying to avoid the truth about the connection between the current American diet, which is dominated by meat, and dairy consumption the stated reason, lack of excitement, is not important enough to this writer to risk destruction of health. We are therefore eliminating meat and dairy products from our diet. Hopefully we can find creative chefs and dishes that will make for an exciting transition. We will post exciting dishes and names of chefs as we proceed.


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