Chipotle-One Answer to Health and the C.Bay


The debate over Colin Campbell’s China Study is even more important to a healthy environment than it is to human health. Does anyone in upstate Pennsylvania or in Philadelphia or in Iowa really care about the Gulf of Mexico or Chesapeake Bay?  Fast food is here to stay for reasons that go beyond health or the environment and have to do with a population explosion of people who feel entitled to cheap food mostly animal food. Then there is the economic reality which is that population growth promotes economic activity and is necessary to an overall healthful society. Most young people are unconcerned about their future health or the health of the environment which is so important to those of us who live on the water of Chesapeake Bay  They are primarily interested in their addiction to cheap animal based food. This is the reality. So are we who are concerned and see our water and our soil being destroyed every day just to give up? NO. There is still hope.

Chipotle is a company whose stock is at historic highes. They are a fast food company which specializes in plant food mostly beans which they enhance with some meat in a Mexican tradition. For the last few years they have made a conscious effort to have all their plant food meet organic criteria and their animal food to be pasture raised. Their growth is phenomenal and is an encouragement to all of us interested in the future of our soil and the water quality of Chesapeake Bay. Chipotle is an answer to the growing dilemma of how to feed a growing population without destroying our Natural resources and our health.



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