US. CAFOs-for each animal by State & County


The US Factory Farm Map shows the location of Confinement Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) in the US and allows you to drill down into every State and every County. It also evaluates the concentration as extreme, severe, high, moderate and none for every type of  confinement animal. Please compare the EPA nutrient load charts archived on our blog to these maps for Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Delaware. Unfortunately I do not have the nutrient load maps that I requested from EPA for the rest of the Country but it is a good assumption that there will be concurrence between nutrient loading and CAFO concentrations nationwide. Of course these maps do not show the concentrations of corn feed production which surrounds these facilities and is at least equal most often greater than the manure pollution emanating from CAFOs. On Delmarva for example 59% of nitrogen pollution comes from corn feed production and 35% comes from CAFO animal manure*.

*See USGS Bulletin 1228 PG#6


One Response to “US. CAFOs-for each animal by State & County”

  1. Bernard Glassman Says:

    “Barry Poppin of UNC quoted in the Washington Post article on meat and cancer research, a major study by the National Cancer Society (see our reference # 16).”

    It’s Popkin. Good post, though. BG

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