Horizons- an exciting eating experience & more


Chef Rich Landau started Horizons restaurant in the suburbs of Philadelphia because of his love of cooking and his conscious objection to cutting up animals for food.

We went to his restaurant now in downtown Philadelphia a few months ago because of our growing concern about the environmental destruction caused by corn feed used in CAFOs and the damage to the environment caused by raising animals in their own feces in these perfect pathogen incubators described by scientists at Johns Hopkins University in their magazine (see our reference # 21). We also have an increasing concern about the connection between most of the meat produced by these facilities and the US cancer and heart disease epidemics as described in long term studies by Harvard University and by world studies described in our recent posts.

Horizons is one of eight upscale meat free restaurants Nationwide recommended by Chef Tal Ronnen in his excellent book “the conscious cook”.

We went to the restaurant with low expectations expecting a dull eating experience and found just the opposite. We are now well along a pathway to meat-free eating. It is turning into  a very positive and exciting experience.


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