Is Modern Chemical Agriculture Destroying Itself


Evidence presented by The Institute of Responsible Technology of prematurely dying corn and soybean crops during 2009 and 2010 indicate that this might be true. According to plant pathologist Don Huber who has studied Glyphosate a widely used chemical which is the heart of modern corn based agriculture, premature death of corn and soybean crops is increasing, resulting in dramatically lower yields. Monsanto and other Chemical companies have developed corn and soybean hybrids that can survive glyphosate spraying while weeds will not survive this spraying. The spraying can be seen when the corn is several feet high in early June when huge 90-foot sprayers take to the fields. Glyphosate ready crops were first introduced by Monsanto, who produces the glyphosate Roundup, in 1996 and have been the basis of Industrial agriculture Nationwide since that time. Monsanto is continuing to develop other Roundup ready crops. The latest is Roundup Ready Alfalpha, which organic farmers are fighting on the basis that the overspray is affecting all crops. There is also evidence that glyphosate is causing over 40 plant diseases and endangering human and animal health. As with any chemical widely introduced into the environment adverse effects will take decades to show up. The classic is the chemical DDT which destroyed fish hawk reproduction in the 70’s and while banned since the mid-70”s still shows up in aquifer water.


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