Focus on Ethanol-Not what they Want!


This letter to the editor of the local Star Democrat was published on 1/26/11

Industrialization of agriculture has been hugely successful if judged by the standards of industrialization in that it has produced plenty of cheap animal food for humans. In so doing the production process has abused our animals, destroyed our topsoil, destroyed Chesapeake Bay, and most other rivers and Estuaries, and now we know that most of the food, particularly the red meat is destroying our health.

The results of Industrialization processes are almost instantaneous when applied to cars, weapons systems or moon rockets but when applied to human food, health and the environment, results are delayed by many decades. It took at least 3 decades for underwater grass to begin to disappear in Chesapeake Bay after chemical nitrogen application rates were multiplied to raise field corn to produce CAFO chickens and other food animals. The same delay occurred with oxygen dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico and worldwide. It took decades for short cuts in soil management (2- crop or less soil management systems) to show up in National Soil depletion numbers. The human body is the ultimate in adaptative design. When industrialization made meat available and affordable most people in affluent societies switched to primary meat based diets particularly in the U.S. It took 6 decades for health results to appear. Now in 2010 these results have appeared and have been documented in studies by the World Cancer Research Fund and Harvard University’s long term Nurses Health Study. These studies and other studies of severe public health issues by Johns Hopkins School of Public Hearth show that cancer. heart disease are the result of the dominance of animal food in our diets. All these studies can be found on our website.

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