Can you imagine what the activities on earth look like from outer space? Every spring we denude massive areas of the earth’s surface, which has had minimal cover all winter. We then spray chemicals on the surface and plant something in the first week of May which later turns into a tall green plant. Over winter but particularly in early May through mid-June heavy rains often cause the unprotected earth to erode into the rivers, which now laden with the soil cascade downstream into Coastal Estuaries. In addition the observer sees thousands of stockyards crowded with animals both open and undercover each with an adjacent lake filled with animal manure, which can be seen to overflow periodically, and runoff into the same rivers adding to the brownish water flowing down to the Coastal Estuaries. The water maintains a mahogany color through most of the summer culminating in massive fish kills during August.

Observing this from outer space over decades the man and his friends speculate as to why these earthlings are destroying their soil and their water on such a mass scale?  The alien from space finally is given an opportunity to visit earth and given a choice of places to visit. he chooses Iowa, which seems to be the center of this strange activity. He chooses the farm of Francis Thicke who has a relatively small pastured based farm, whose land is not participating in this massive destructive activity. After asking what is going on here? Francis says that what the alien sees is a method of growing a raw material called corn which is used to feed animals which has evolved into the primary food for most people. Most of the animals are ground up and made into products called hamburgers and sausages, which are sold on most every corner in urban areas. Francis tells the alien that after 60 years of this activity about half the dark colored topsoil has now been lost down the Rivers. He also explains that the spraying he has observed in early May is chemical fertilizer, which stimulates corn growth but also massive algal growth in the water and further clouds the water and sucks out the oxygen thus killing all the water species. Francis also explains that the Government has been subsidizing much of the cost of this feed production for over 50 years, which encourages the continuation of the whole concept.

Francis states that this whole food production system is being questioned for many reasons and suggests that the spaceman take a look at Last year long-term research studies were released by the World Cancer Research Fund and Harvard’s Nurses Health Studies which showed that the countries 2 major diseases are most likely caused by the dominance of hamburgers and sausage, and other red meat and dairy in the American diet. Both these studies are archived under cancer/heart disease on the website. Billions of dollars are spent each year on expensive pills and procedures to fight cancer tumors, treat clogged arteries, and high blood pressure, repair heart damage and treat diabetes and strokes. Scientists Walter Willett of Harvard University is actively involved in both studies and should be consulted to answer questions. Also The Johns Hopkins School of Public health has extensively studied animal meat production. Their Dr. Robert Lawrence can be contacted at their website. Dr Lawrence is also very familiar with the carcinogens generated by grilling these hamburgers and sausages which start the cancer process. Grilling of this meat is common at Sporting events such as the upcoming Super Bowl where 105 thousand people will gather to watch football and eat grilled meat both in the parking lot before the game and prepared by the stadium during the game.

The space alien went back home but decided to keep secret what he had learned. While he was convinced by what he had been told nobody would believe such a story. Nobody would believe that America is deliberately destroying their natural resources to produce food that is destroying their health. He wasn’t sure that even the scientists he talked to, all specialist in their field, comprehended the full picture.


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