This weeks Superbowl has evolved into the Meca for sports fans. But eating of grilled meat before and after the game is equally popular and we know now very dangerous.

Dear, Mr. Goodell-NFL Commissioner

Your prompt suspension of Michael Vick for abusing animals is to be commended. However the massive abuse and killing of animals the primary food prepared and eaten before and during NFL games is much more damaging not only to the animals but to those who unwittingly consume them.

Research published by The World Cancer Fund, the American Institute for cancer Research and the Harvard School of Public Health shows that increased risk of both cancer and heart disease result from eating red meat. Red Meat includes hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, and Philly Steak sandwiches, which are popular at your games. Further these studies show that grilling of red meat causes the production of nitrosamines and hydrocarbons, which are known carcinogens.

I know you are sensitive to your public image and your influence on the young. The grilling of these products which you encourage before the games and which your owners supply during the games amounts to a huge public health hazard. I know that the NFL does not want to be known as a supporter of the #1 and #2 killers of Americans and out of control health care cost. But how else would you describe your current food policy in view of this research?

All of this research can be found on our website


Donald Kerstetter


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