Madam Chairman-Tell USDA to just stop


Letter to new Senate Ag Chairman

Dear Senator Stabenow,

Congratulations on your election to the Chairmanship of the Agricultural Committee. I did a satire on our website recently which demonstrates how we look from outer space. We denude vast areas of the earth to grow corn and spray the crops with 3 times more fertilizer than they can use. The earth erodes and together with the chemicals cascades down stream where it contaminates estuaries including the Gulf, Pamlico Sound and Chesapeake Bay and routinely kills massive numbers of water species.  In my satire the space alien visits Iowa, which appears, from space to be the center of this activity and talks to pasture dairy farmer Francis Thicke who has a new vision for Iowa agriculture. He recently got 38% of the Iowa vote for Secretary of Agriculture. Francis, who is also educated in soil science, explained that indeed Iowa has lost half its topsoil in 60 years. He also said that most of the corn went to feed food animals and that the alien should look at recent research which ties the bulk of this animal food to cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke. The alien went back to the web site found the research but also saw a post on last Mondays Diane Rehm show where a USDA official was asked to explain why the USDA recently continued to recommend red meat in its dietary guidelines for the American people. The alien went back home but kept his knowledge secret because no one would believe such a story.

Madame Chairman the ethanol scam is even worse than this story. Everything the USDA does appears to be at odds with the long-term interest of the Country, except for the excellent work of the ARS group. But ARS recommendations particularly for soil management are ignored. It certainly appears that top management of USDA is controlled by the Corn Growers, the meat and dairy Industry, and other members of the agribusiness lobby. Please take action to stop these groups from destroying our National Health and our Natural Resources.


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