A LOOK BACK-Conclusions After 12 Years


I recently prepared a presentation for 2 scientists involved with land preservation. This gave me an opportunity to reflect on our overall effort since we started Trappe Landing Farm & Native Sanctuary (TLF&NS) in the late 1990’s. In 2000 we did a presentation of our then new Master Plan to a group of scientists and environmentalist at TLF&NS.  Our landscape Architect did a presentation in which he characterized the existing site as an ecological desert. His new plan proposed surrounding the farm fields with warm season grasses and trees, installing retention ponds, and creating sunny and shady walkways. This resulted in a site that had reduced farming area of about 70%. He also made the point that the site would be esthetically pleasing and would encourage neighbors to follow this example resulting in cleaner water for our Creek. A leading agronomist in attendance was upset by the Architect’s characterization of the existing land which obviously applies to most of the farming areas in the Country including the great mid-west. Later when we founded our website, the same agronomist also commented on our paper America’s Failed Food Production System and asked “How are we to feed a growing population if we returned to the agriculture practiced when I was a kid”? I must admit that I thought he had a point, which was reinforced by other agronomist including the head of agronomy at the University of Nebraska. The two sides of the argument seemed to be: ” do we feed a growing population or preserve our soil water and wildlife assets?” Certainly this presents a difficult choice.

Events and science have overtaken this argument and now the choice is completely different and very clear. We now know that it takes *14 times more land to plant grain to feed animals and then eat the animals than it does to eat the plant food directly. We have enough land to feed a growing population for centuries if the people ate mostly plant food plus a modest amount of pasture raised animals. Further we now know that most of the corn based factory produced meat particularly the beef, pork and lamb and also the dairy products are dangerous to our health and indeed are the primary cause of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. We also know that vegan chefs have been at work for years producing very exciting food without using animals and that the vast majority of Americans have not tasted this food. (see our posts on Horizons and Chopotle)

I must admit that I originally thought that our Architect went too far in the direction of support for environmental and esthetic concerns. His plan is now consistent with specific recommendations for a diet primarily of plant food recommended by the World Cancer Fund and reinforced by the Harvard studies on heart disease and diabetes. Unfortunately he died of cancer before these studies were published.

*Get Healthy Now by Gary Null


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