HARVARD’s-Nurses Health Study


The Harvard University Nurses Health Study

This is one 2010 update of Harvard’s Nurses Health Study, which began in 1976. Others will follow for diabetes and stroke. This study is the result of prospectively following 84 thousand women age 30 to 55 by research doctors including Drs. Bernstein and Willett all associated with the Department of Nutrition and Epidemiology at Harvard University School of Public Health, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and other departments at Harvard University.

Purpose of the study was to examine the foods that are major dietary protein sources and incident CHD.

Conclusions suggests that high red meat intake including Beef, Pork, and Lamb increases risk of CHD and that CHD risk can be reduced importantly by shifting sources of protein in the US diet. Shifting the protein source from red meat to beans resulted in the greatest reduction in CHD risk followed in order by a shift to nuts, fish, poultry, low fat dairy, high fat dairy. (see page 881 of the study)



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