The World Cancer Research Fund/ American Institute for Cancer Research report published in 2010 involved over 250 scientists from more than 70 Universities and more than 30 Cancer Research Organizations. Many were involved in systematic literature review since the task was to evaluate all the worlds’ cancer research reports.  Some of the organizations are well known in the cancer field such as Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, Harvard’s School of Public Health, and our National Cancer Institute. Many Countries have Cancer Research Institutions, which were involved, and many well know Universities including Oxford in England are heavily involved. Johns Hopkins and Penn State University’s in the Chesapeake Bay watershed each have more than 10 MDs and PhDs involved. Knowing the reports major conclusions to avoid red meat and dairy products and increase plant food consumption and exercise, it was interesting to look at the Factory Farm Map and see how many institutions are involved from heavy US. hog, cattle, dairy and corn feed producing States. Involved are Iowa State University, The University of Nebraska, The University of Minnesota, The University of North Carolina, Ohio State University, University of Colorado, University of California, Penn State University, University of Pennsylvania, and Johns Hopkins University. Notably absent are the University of Kansas, the University of Maryland, and my own alma mater. It is not too late to become involved since this study continues. Some have asked me why an environmental website is so interested in health reports. Again look at the Factory Farm Map and see that the red areas are also the major sources of the nations nutrient and sediment pollution, the major cause of the decline of the nations Rivers and Estuaries including the Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. CONCLUSION: EAT LESS CAFO PRODUCED MEAT AND DAIRY AND RESTORE THE NATIONS NATURAL RESOURCES WHILE REDUCING YOUR RISK, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY YOUR CHILDREN’S RISK, OF CANCER AND HEART DISEASE.

(Full  reports are archived under cancer and heart disease)


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