Your Thoughts on CAFO Animal Abuse?


Do all animals show empathy toward other animals and respond to human kindness. Please read this article in the London Telegraph by clicking on to the attached link to the farming section:

Now scroll down to “chickens are capable of love and lust”.Read the short article and the comments one from a farmer who said “what a bunch of bullcrap”

My direct experience:

I raised laying hens when I was a kid. My brood included white leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, and New Hampshire Reds. About 10 survived the transition from the hatchery at Easter time to the warmth of our kitchen thence to our former privy and tool shed.  As a kid of 10 they became delightful companions responding to me when I came to feed them with obvious affection and of course their eggs endeared them to the whole family.

Over the years I have had 6 dogs that all became great friends.

Last year our gatehouse tenant’s son took on the project of caring for a Goose who was winged by a hunter’s spread shot and could not fly. The goose now comes up to every human wanting a head rub obviously believing that all humans are his friend.

I have come to believe along with the author of this article that all animals even though there are obvious levels of intelligence communicate and empathize with their fellows and given the right circumstances will do the same with humans.I have come to believe that all animals have the basic right to humane treatment even in the face of public demand for cheap meat and dairy products.

Please review the CAFO Animal Abuse Archive on our blog.

I am curious to know what you think. Please comment to the post or by e-mail.



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