Chicken CAFO Integrator mislabeling suit


This link will take you to an article in Sustainable Food News which describes a suit by the Humane Society of the US for violation of the Consumer fraud act generated by labeling of confinement (CAFO) chicken as “Humanely Raised.” The suit alleges that no reasonable consumer would consider the treatment of  CAFO chicken as humane.

These poor creatures live in a feces dust/ ammonia  atmosphere which I could not tolerate for 5 minutes on my one visit. The facilities are described by Johns Hopkins University as “perfect pathogen incubators”. These chickens are fed arsenic appetite enhancer, and growth hormones and are kept sedentary so that they grow fat fast and as Temple Grandin states in the article they become so heavy that their legs won’t support their weight. When the Company sends in the catchers the real torture begins as these minimal wage workers take two or even three in each hand and thrust them into crates. Legs and wings are broken and some do not survive. The crates are stacked high on flat bed trucks and taken to the processing plant sometimes in extreme weather conditions. I often wondered if enough air gets to the inside crates to allow these creatures to breathe. There is no food or water. At the plant they are again picked up by their feet painfully shackled and hung on a conveyor. Remember these animals have empathy (see previous post) for each other. communicate with each other, and hear the painful screams of their terrorized brothers as they are conveyed to the throat cutting machine. Finally after 8 weeks of torture and terror the animal mercifully dies. CAFO producers should be required to put “Inhumane Treatment” labels on their products, which would more appropriately describes the total process.

The writer has not witnessed the catching or processing at a major producer but has seen the process first hand at several smaller slaughter houses and has heard the process described by other reliable sources. I can only hope the jury at this trial is given the opportunity to witness the whole decadent process.

Now also consider that each one of these CAFO facilities, based on the only two ever tested by MDE, is a hot spot of nitrogen contamination. Aquifers under these facilities were found to have nitrate readings as high as 200 times the normal background level of Delmarva aquifers. USGS assessment in circular 1228 is that 35% of Delmarva nitrogen pollution comes from the manure generated by these facilities.

What is the true cost of cheap chicken?


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