We decided to participate in Talbot Restaurant Week to judge not only the taste quality of the food but also whether the raw materials used by the restaurants met minimal health and environmental standards. We are concerned not just because of our health but because we along with these restaurants live in the Choptank watershed. The Choptank is the most nutrient and sediment polluted River in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and it has deteriorated 60% in the last 8 years. Most of the Chesapeake Bay pollution comes from corn based confinement meat and dairy production. We visited 7 restaurants in 7 days. We force rated these seven on the basis of (1) Tasty Food (2) health & environmental sensitive food. And (3) ambiance. The seven restaurants in alphabetical order are Bartlett Pear, Crab Claw, Martinis, Out of the Fire, Oxford Inn, Perry Cabin, and Scossa. We are concerned about pesticide sprays since greens and most vegetables are very vulnerable to these chemicals. Very few of the seven offered organic greens and vegetables. We particularly avoid confinement produced pork, beef, and lamb because of the considerable evidence linking red meat and processed meat to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Most epidemiologic studies point to the total fat, saturated fat and lack of CLA, and omega 3 fatty acids found in corn fed confinement products as the cause, We were very disappointed that none of the restaurants offered pasture raised animal products which most scientists agree minimize these major health and environmental issues. We also cannot discount the mass animal abuse inherent in the production of confinement products. We will not reveal our force rankings unless requested. However one restaurant not the highest ranked in terms of tasty food stood out as clearly more aware of healthy and environmentally sensitive food. Out of the Fire had at least 9 dishes made with organic produce, and antibiotic and hormone free meat ingredients. All seven of these  chefs are obviously very talented. It is a shame that for the most part they are using less than healthy and environmentally sensitive raw materials. Despite the Talbot week special our bills with gratuity averaged more than $75 for lunch and $95 for dinner. Shouldn’t we expect top-notch ingredients in addition to creatively prepared and presented food for these prices?



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