To Senators Cardin & Coburn-Please stand up


I am writing to you because you had the courage to stand up to The American Farm Bureau, the Fertilizer Institute, the Corn Growers Association and the various meat and dairy producers in opposing continuation of ethanol tax credits. The Agribusiness Lobby has successfully opposed every environmental restoration effort since President Clinton’s blue ribbon Gulf Hypoxia Task Force recommended fertilizer application reductions in 2000. They have recently successfully opposed Maryland Governor O’Malley’s initiative to control CAFO manure, regulate septic systems and even to plant trees. This lobby represents only Industrial Meat and Dairy Producers. They do not represent the growing number of sustainable/organic meat, dairy and plant based producers.

In March of 2009 the National Cancer Institute epidemiology study of the eating habits of 500 thousand 50 to 70 year olds revealed that daily consumption of modest amounts of pork, beef, lamb or goat increased chances of early death by 30%. In 2010 studies by the World Cancer Research fund/ American Institute for Cancer Research, which included 100 Universities and cancer research groups, studied all of the Worlds cancer research and concluded that we should avoid red meat and processed meat the primary product of the Agribusiness Lobby and eat more plant products advocated by organic and sustainable farmers. The Cardiologist who chaired the evaluation panel stated that the same issues that produce cancers produce America’s number one killer, heart disease. Harvard’s 3-decade-old Nurses Health Study also published in 2010 confirmed this. Health care cost in the US are the highest in the world and are primarily caused by treating these and related diseases.

So now we have the Agribusiness Lobby producing products causing massive water and air pollution, the destruction of half of the Nations topsoil, massive animal abuse, but also the primary cause of the Nations out of control health care cost. When is somebody going to stand up to this lobby and say enough is enough. Perhaps the two of you are that somebody.


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