SPORTS STADIUMS-Not Unique,Not Cool Mr Kruk


New stadium facilities have increased food venues featuring grilled meat, sugary drinks and other bad food. Epidemiologic evidence is overwhelming that eating more than a modest amount of hamburger, sausage or cheese steak featured at these stadiums will increase the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke and increase the risk of early death. Grilling meat produces 2 known carcinogens. The haze of grilling hangs over these stadiums.

The opening of Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN, featured former Philly slugger John Kruk shown eating a tray of junk food including a Philly Cheese Steak. Kruk’s big belly is visual evidence that the epidemiology is correct. This is a person who should be ridiculed and pitied for his ignorance not put on public display. Kruk throughout his career wanted to be viewed as a cool outlier. What he is not smart enough to realize is that eating bad food is the American norm. IT is not unique and not cool. Is this the example for our kids that baseball wants to portray? Do these broadcasters have a responsibility to understand and be sensitive to the health consequences of their actions on young people and the future prospect of better medical and environmental health for the Country?

I hope that someone close to major league baseball and football will send this post to a responsible person in these organizations and tell them to read the medical reports. Some of the more recent are archived on this site.


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