Baltimore Sun-Panel-An Innovative Idea


The Baltimore Sun reported on results of a 9 member Scientific panel which noted that the proposed best management practices (BMPs) being adopted by Maryland for Chesapeake Bay cleanup have not proven to be long lasting nor effective. Some of us who have followed the long term failed effort to restore Chesapeake Bay agree. The Maryland response to the EPA mandated Total Maximum Daily Load Program was a missed opportunity to directly reduce fertilizer application rates to corn and to treat farm animal manure which total to 94% of Delmarva’s nitrogen pollution. Instead the State is proposing to implement a number of BMPs which have been implemented to some degree for several decades without recordable result. USGS recently reanalyzed the farm dominant Choptank Watershed which showed a 53% increase in nitrogen pollution over the last decade. This watershed has extensively implemented the BMPs. The USGS scientist commented that we should have seen some pollution reduction by now.

One action suggested by this report “urge citizens to eat less meat”, could be effective in reducing pollution by reducing the consumption of corn based products. The other dominant product is corn based processed food. Both of these products are currently under attack as the cause of America’s obesity epidemic and health care cost disaster.


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