SAVE THE BAY-and prevent heart disease,cancer


I just viewed a taped interview of Cardiologist/ anthropologist Dr. Chauncey Crandall. He has studied heart disease in other cultures as well as providing treatment to patients in South Florida. He points out that heart disease does not exist in some cultures but is rampant in the U.S. and is totally curable. The two culprits are fat and sugar.

What is the source of the fat and sugar in the American diet? He like others mentions red meat. The meat we find in the supermarket today while it looks the same as several decades ago is totally different. Between 1997 and 2007 we added 6300 corn fed cattle and hogs every day to America’s CAFO food animal herd. Corn fed CAFO raised animals are now the only source of red meat and dairy in the supermarket. This meat is raised using corn feed, growth hormones, sedentary conditions and antibiotics to fatten the animal quickly. This produces an animal up to seven times higher in total fat than the pasture raised animal of just a few decades ago. This has also produced the dominance of field corn which is over fertilized by a factor of 3 to increase yields and has become, along with animal manure, the major source for the nutrient contamination of our Rivers and Estuaries.

Also those boxes, cans, jars and packages that dominate the center aisles of today’s supermarkets are totally different than a few decades ago. It’s not just a can of beans or a box of cereal. Each one of these products is designed using fat and sugar in just the right proportion to enhance sale of the product. Again all of this fat and sugar comes from corn. In addition to corn oil and high fructose corn syrup 12 other ingredients are added to addict consumers to these products. The best explanation of how this food is designed in the food laboratory is David Kessler’s Book “the end of overeating”

So it is not surprising that a group of scientists from the National Resource Council of the National Academies of Science assembled to make recommendations on Chesapeake Bay restoration conclude that Governments should encourage reduction in meat consumption. They might have concluded that people not buy the bulk of supermarket food.


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