GROUNDHOG DAY-Will Americans ever wake up?


Could it possibly be true that every American’s dream of excellence, a nice house surrounded by a perfect weed free lawn, bacon and eggs for breakfast, processed meat on refined bread sandwich for lunch and steak every night is also America’s worst nightmare? Since the Gulf Hypoxia report was published in 2000 and the continual frustration in efforts to restore Chesapeake Bay the connection between fertilizer used on America’s lawns and more importantly that used to produce corn fed meat and the manure generated as a result have been recognized as the primary environmental problem.

But what is new is the recognition by medical science that obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and America’s health care cost disaster are also an unintended result of our corn based meat and high sugar, high fat processed food diet. Until Americans realize that the cause of our environmental disaster and health disaster are identical we are destined to live and relive the health and environmental disaster, which starts anew in the first week of May each year. Unless we as individuals recognize this and change our lifestyles we are destined to live the life portrayed by Bill Murray in the film Groundhog Day. But this is not a dream. It is the reality of our disastrous food production system. Bill Murray finally woke up. Will the majority of Americans?


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