Kudos to CBF


The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) announced that it will file a legal intervention to stop the agribusiness lobby from derailing EPA’s effort to initiate a legal limit on Chesapeake Bay’s major pollution sources, nitrogen, phosphorous, and sediment. This is in answer to the agribusiness suit challenging the EPA’s right to limit these pollutants. We applaud CBF and their partners for initiating this action. The agribusiness lobby was apparently not satisfied with the watered down response submitted by Maryland and other States allowing agribusiness to substitute failed or untested best management practices in lieu of actual reductions in the application of nitrogen, phosphorous and sediment as the law requires. Hopefully CBF will attempt to correct Maryland’s and other States inadequate response and have the EPA implement the law as written while they support EPA’s right to control water pollution. If this happens it will show this insatiable lobby that it is sometimes better to quit while ahead.


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