CANCER-RED MEAT Connection Stronger


The World Cancer Research Fund/American Institute for Cancer Research (WCRF/AICR) issued a press release on May 23, 2011 reporting on their Continuous Update Project (CUP). Since their 2007 report was published 263 papers on bowel cancer were added to the 749 considered in the 2007 report. For red and processed meat 10 studies were added to the 14 considered in the original report. Based on these new studies the evaluation panel concluded that the evidence had increased that red meat and processed meat are a convincing cause of bowel cancer. Convincing is the highest risk assessment. They also concluded that high fiber plant food is more of a deterrent to colon cancer than their original assessment and the positive risk level was increased from probable to convincing. The recommendation to eat more fruits and vegetables and less beef, lamb and pork is the same as their previous recommendation as is their recommendation to eat no processed meat.

If people followed these recommendations contamination of Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf of Mexico would decline significantly since food animal production including corn feed fertilizer excess and untreated manure are the major sources of water nutrient contamination.


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