The Huge Cost of Meat Consumption


Following up on the report published in the Baltimore Sun that the National Academies of Science urges government at all levels to urge people to reduce meat consumption, I sent a letter to Senators Coburn, Cardin and Mikulski pointing out the many National issues that could be solved if people consumed less meat including:

1. Cancer reduction

2, Heart disease reduction

3. Diabetes reduction

4. Restoration of the Gulf of Mexico

5. Restoration of Chesapeake Bay

6. Reduce the loss of the Nations topsoil

6. Reduction of Health Care Cost

7. Ability to balance our annual budget dominated by health care cost

8. Reduction in our National debt

I urged the Senators to start an educational campaign focused on media based education and the committment of the health care community urging Doctors to talk directly to patients. I suggested two immediate actions that would increase the cost of meat  and reduce consumption.

1. The treatment of all factory farm manure

2. A tax on fertilizer to help offset the cost of natural resource restoration

I did give the Senators one authority for each issue who should be called to testify before House and Senate hearings and offered help in naming additional experts.


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