NRCS fails to protect Nations resources


On April 21st I sent a letter to our Maryland Senators and the Chairmen of the Senate and House Agricultural Committees pointing to studies which show that corn based meat and sugar production and consumption is the primary cause of:

  1. Many cancers
  2. Heart disease
  3. Obesity
  4. Diabetes
  5. Depletion of our Nationwide soil asset
  6. Nutrient contamination of rivers and estuaries including the Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf of Mexico
  7. Cost of health care
  8. Primary cause of our out of control annual national expenses
  9. A major cause of our National Debt

I did hear back from Senator Mikulski who referred my letter to USDA. I received a letter from NRCS (Dave White), which claimed that nutrient pollution had declined but offered no backup to this assertion. He did offer a USDA/NRCS study, which shows that farm field erosion had improved by 43% since 1982. I asked Iowa soil scientist Francis Thicke if he agreed with this assessment. His response was that the consensus of the scientific community was that the Corn Belt has lost or displaced half its topsoil since agriculture began many years ago. He also stated that based on Iowa State University data the recent improvement cited by government officials were overstated. While the NRCS letter acknowledged my assertions on the health issues it did not offer any response to the issue. While Mr. Thicke refers to Mr. White as a “good guy” he is in a situation well beyond his power of influence.

While the NRCS has the bureaucratic responsibility to preserve our Natural Resources only an educated public and perhaps media attention will reduce meat and sugar consumption and reduce the adverse health and environmental affects.


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