When Food Kills


This NY Times article by Nicholas Kristof relates the risk here in the U.S. based on what has been learned about the German outbreak of  E. Coli which killed 31 people. The statement that 45% of workers in the hog industry have MRSA is frightening because this deadly disease known as the “hospital pathogen” is commonly transmitted from patient to medical facility thence to other patients. We eat mostly organic vegetables for many good reasons but many times it is the use of infected manure not properly composted that can spread the virus. The use of distillers grain, a byproduct of ethanol production, in animal feed has increased E. Coli by as much as 30%. Bills banning the regular use of antibiotics are pending in both Houses of Congress. I just signed a petition again asking Congress to pass this legislation


2 Responses to “When Food Kills”

  1. CarmenMercedes Says:

    Los expertos hablan!!! Cada cual Decide!! Pero esta es mi gran preocuacion , yo tengo que tener la seguridad de lo que pago como lo mas saludable para alimentar a mis hijos y no debieramos ser engañados y permtamos esto y envenemos a nuestros tesoros. El Empresario Inescrupuloso y el Agricultor que lo es no vale nada!!!

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