Our Food our Genetics


Former FDA Commissioner David Kesslor in his book, “The End of Overeating” explains how consumers are manipulated by food companies to eat their products using just the right amount of sugar, fat and salt to appeal to the consumers pleasure center and overcome the bodies natural mechanism to control overeating. On December 27th the 60-minute program showed these food technologists tasting various combinations of flavors and making the decision on which food would appear on the supermarket shelves. The host questioned whether this process was in the best interest of a population suffering from epidemics of obesity and diabetes. That question was answered in the Harvard debate of December 20th (see our blog post) by two of the top nutritionists in the Country who agreed that 75% of the food on supermarket shelves is unhealthy. The World Council on Genetics in the attached paper explains that agriculturist and food technologists make these decisions based on the food that they want to produce and sell. Increasingly that food is corn based. Our genetic makeup was formed beginning 10,000 years ago when people ate mostly vegetables and the animals were all grass fed. Our Genes were formed when we had an omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of 0.79-1. Today the healthier societies such as the Greek orthodox societies who have restrictions on the amount of animal products and the Island of Japan have n6 to n3 ratios between 2-1 and 4-1 while corn based societies have unhealthy ratios of 15-1 with the US approaching 17-1. The food on supermarket shelves is therefore not compatible with our genetic makeup and is the cause of our epidemics of cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. In addition the grain, mostly corn is produced using too much fertilizer, pesticides, and soil production shortcuts which cause the destruction of water quality and massive soil loss in the US and other producing Countries.


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