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Corn Fed Meat-Poor Health

March 19, 2012

At the time of the documentary King Corn in 2006, 70% of field corn production was used to feed animals in confinement meat production and 30% was used to produce high fructose corn sugar and ethanol. Since that time the proportional uses of corn have changed, the total production has increased and the damage caused by nutrient contamination and sedimentation of Chesapeake Bay and other major estuaries has dramatically increased.

While the #1 use of field corn continues to be feed for meat production, we now see increased connection between meat consumption and poor health. Fox News aired a well publicized feature interview on Sunday March 18, between one of their medical staff doctors and a surgeon from New York’s Mt. Sinai Medical Center who pointed to recent research making the strong connection between red meat, processed meat, cancer, and heart disease. This science is substantially stronger today than when studies were first released by the National Cancer Institute in 2009 and the Studies published by the World Cancer Research Fund and American Institute for Cancer research in 2010.  Also the science connecting overuse of corn based high fructose corn syrup in cheap sugary drinks as the primary cause of obesity and diabetes is much stronger today. The use of corn based ethanol as a fuel additive continues to destroy small engines despite the reduction of government subsidies.

None of this destruction is necessary! We the consumers can bring about change! Pasture raised animals which consume minimal amounts of corn are becoming available. Chipotle Mexican Grille, a National fast food chain, made the transition in 2000. Forward looking restaurants are beginning to change. Natural sugar sweetened drinks are becoming available. We can all help this transition by buying only healthy food, requesting healthy food from retailers and avoiding unhealthy corn based products. We will all benefit not only from lack of exposure to major diseases but by improving the health of our Natural resources including the Chesapeake Bay and all the rivers East of the Rockies