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October 25, 2011

I was watching the World Series the other night. The camera was focused on the crowd of 50,000 people. Everyone appeared to be eating either a hamburger, a ball park hot dog, a sausage sandwich or a Philly cheese steak. Everyone had a large  corn based sugary beverage as well. My thought process in watching this chopping and sipping was; how many ecosystems are being destroyed? How many arteries are being clogged? How many cancerous tumors are being developed? How many animals were abused? How much fertilizer is required to fulfill the pleasure of these fans? I guess friends and relatives are right when they say. “Don’t spoil my pleasure by exposing me to the truth”. Finding the right eating lifestyle, while not easy, is the only way to save this planet and our collective health.

Last night in watching the World Series again the intermissions featured a cancer fundraising campaign showing ex-ballplayers all standing up 2 cancer including the Philly cheesesteak king and cancer survivor Jon Kruk. If they read the World Cancer study they would know that eating beef, pork and processed meat is the major cause of many tumors.  Grilling meat produces 2 known carcinogens. All these people need to do in order to stand up to 2 cancer is avoid ball-park food. Major League Baseball along with other big stadium sporting events are a major cause of our environmental and health disaster.


Cooking Meat Cancer Cause?

July 15, 2011

Epidemiological studies including, the National Cancer Institute Study (our ref. # 16) and World Cancer Research Fund studies archived under cancer, have established that there is a relationship between red meat and processed meat consumption and the risk of certain cancers but the biological mechanism underlying this association has yet to be established.  A recent study by the Center for a Livable Future at Johns Hopkins University looks at two known carcinogens produced by cooking meat as a possible cause. Click here for the study .

CANCER-RED MEAT Connection Stronger

May 29, 2011

The World Cancer Research Fund/American Institute for Cancer Research (WCRF/AICR) issued a press release on May 23, 2011 reporting on their Continuous Update Project (CUP). Since their 2007 report was published 263 papers on bowel cancer were added to the 749 considered in the 2007 report. For red and processed meat 10 studies were added to the 14 considered in the original report. Based on these new studies the evaluation panel concluded that the evidence had increased that red meat and processed meat are a convincing cause of bowel cancer. Convincing is the highest risk assessment. They also concluded that high fiber plant food is more of a deterrent to colon cancer than their original assessment and the positive risk level was increased from probable to convincing. The recommendation to eat more fruits and vegetables and less beef, lamb and pork is the same as their previous recommendation as is their recommendation to eat no processed meat.

If people followed these recommendations contamination of Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf of Mexico would decline significantly since food animal production including corn feed fertilizer excess and untreated manure are the major sources of water nutrient contamination.

To AG Committee Chairman-Failed Farm Policy

May 2, 2011


It is now well documented that the United States is the unhealthiest society in the World. We now have epidemics of obesity, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. The evidence is overwhelming that over consumption of corn fed fatty meat and corn based hi- sugar, high- fat content process food is the cause. Even more importantly long term is the destruction of our topsoil and the nutrient contamination of every river and estuary Nationwide caused by corn overproduction and overlooked short cuts in production methods.

US. Farm policy has encouraged corn over-production since the end of World War II, resulting in a glut of cheap unhealthy corn based products which dominate supermarkets. Its time to reverse this flawed agricultural policy and make these products more expensive and therefore less dominant in the American diet.

Three actions required to do this should be enacted now:

  1. Reduce fertilizer applications rates by half
  2. Require minimum soil management criteria specifically minimum crop rotations and cover crops as recommended by soil scientists.
  3. Require treatment of CAFO manure.

Suggest that you call the following expert witnesses:

1.Walter Willett of the Harvard School of Public Health ask him to brief you on the 2010 World Cancer Study and Harvard’s Nurses Health Study.

2. Authors Magdoff of The University of Vermont and van Es of Cornell University to testify about minimal soil management criteria. Also Iowa organic Dairy Farmer, soil scientist, and author Francis Thicke PhD.

3. EPA’s Benjamin Grumbles who chaired the 2008 Gulf Task Force Action Plan, which reported the continuing failure to restore the great Mississippi Watershed.

4. Current Chairman of the USGS National NAWGA assessment, which monitors water quality Nationwide including the Chesapeake Bay and other estuaries.

Nothing could be more urgent than changing the declining direction of the nations health and Natural Resources.


March 24, 2011

The World Cancer Research Fund/ American Institute for Cancer Research report published in 2010 involved over 250 scientists from more than 70 Universities and more than 30 Cancer Research Organizations. Many were involved in systematic literature review since the task was to evaluate all the worlds’ cancer research reports.  Some of the organizations are well known in the cancer field such as Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, Harvard’s School of Public Health, and our National Cancer Institute. Many Countries have Cancer Research Institutions, which were involved, and many well know Universities including Oxford in England are heavily involved. Johns Hopkins and Penn State University’s in the Chesapeake Bay watershed each have more than 10 MDs and PhDs involved. Knowing the reports major conclusions to avoid red meat and dairy products and increase plant food consumption and exercise, it was interesting to look at the Factory Farm Map and see how many institutions are involved from heavy US. hog, cattle, dairy and corn feed producing States. Involved are Iowa State University, The University of Nebraska, The University of Minnesota, The University of North Carolina, Ohio State University, University of Colorado, University of California, Penn State University, University of Pennsylvania, and Johns Hopkins University. Notably absent are the University of Kansas, the University of Maryland, and my own alma mater. It is not too late to become involved since this study continues. Some have asked me why an environmental website is so interested in health reports. Again look at the Factory Farm Map and see that the red areas are also the major sources of the nations nutrient and sediment pollution, the major cause of the decline of the nations Rivers and Estuaries including the Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. CONCLUSION: EAT LESS CAFO PRODUCED MEAT AND DAIRY AND RESTORE THE NATIONS NATURAL RESOURCES WHILE REDUCING YOUR RISK, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY YOUR CHILDREN’S RISK, OF CANCER AND HEART DISEASE.

(Full  reports are archived under cancer and heart disease)


February 16, 2011

World Cancer Research Fund & American Institute for Cancer Research Study

This is a 500+ page study. To aid the reader the following are the page numbers for the studies major conclusions. You can simply scroll down to the summary for Red Meat, or Vegetables or excercise or the studies conclusion page and copy the important pages

This comprehensive 500 page plus report evaluates the strength of research in thousands of research reports. All evaluated foods are categorized for INCREASED RISK or DECREASED RISK of cancer at four risk levels, Convincing, Probable, Suggestive, and Unlikely for a specific type of cancer. A few of the hundreds of foods analyzed with type of cancer and risk level are as follows:


Meat Poultry, Fish Eggs category: (see summary on page 116)

Red Meat including Beef, Pork, Lamb and Goat- Convincing for colorectum, Suggestive for Lung, Pancreas, Stomach, Endometrium, Oesophagus

Processed Meat- Probable for Colorectal and Suggestive for Lung, Pancreas, Stomach, Oesophagus

Barbecued or grilled animal products- Suggestive for Colorectum, Stomach

Both Poultry and eggs were judged to have too little research to evaluate


Vegetables, Fruits, Legumes, Nuts, Seeds category: (see summary on page 76)

Non-starchy vegetables- Probable for Mouth, Larynx, Oesophagus, Stomach

Allium vegetables (onions leaks etc)- Probable for Colorectal

Foods containing:

Folate- Probable for Pancreas

Carotenoids-Probable for lung

Lycopene- Probable for Prostate

Fruits- Suggestive for Nasopharynx, Pancreas, Liver, Colorectum

There are a total of 19 vegetable groups evaluated with only chilli listed under increased risk.

Fish- Suggestive for Colorectum note: this is evaluated under the meat category

Foods containing vitamin D- Suggestive for Colorectum note: same as above

Physical Exercise-Convincing for Colon- Probable for Breast (postmenopause), Endometrium,  Suggestive for Lung, Pancreas, Breast (premenopause)

Additional categories include: Dietary Supplements (pg 179)- Alcoholic drinks (pg.-157)- Drinks including Water, Fruit juices, Soft drinks, Hot drinks (pg148)- Sugars and salt (pg 141)- Fats and Oils (pg.135)-Body fatness (pg 211)-Lactation (pg. 239)-Physical Exercise (pg 199)-Milk & Dairy pg 129)


Eat mostly plant food

Limit Red meat

Avoid Processed Meat

Avoid sugary drinks

Limit salt

Avoid mouldy cereal and legumes

Keep as Lean as possible

Limit alcoholic drinks

Breastfeed children

Limit supplements get your nutrients mostly from plant food

Exercise daily