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Famous Chef Advocates Meatless Monday

May 28, 2010

When Mario Batali starts to push people to eat their vegetables, you know something is happening.

The famously rotund and infamously gluttonous chef-restaurateur is to pig what the Beatles are to rock-and-roll. Batali, a rock-star chef if there ever was one, has changed the way Americans eat pork, introducing us to cured lonza, guanciale and lardo, which he once described to the New Yorker magazine as “the best song sung in the key of pig.”

And yet this month, Batali announced that he would join the Meatless Monday campaign, a movement backed by a broad array of public-health advocates, animal welfare activists and environmentalists that asks carnivores to give up meat one day a week. Each of Batali’s 14 restaurants, which include the meatily named Bar Jamon in New York and Carnevino in Las Vegas, offers two vegetarian entrees on Mondays, highlighted with an “MM” logo.

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HEALTHY FOOD-Will It Come East?

April 10, 2010


Even though Berkeley California is the home of food writer Michael Pollan, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of food available in local stores and restaurants. The word organic was everywhere. The chicken at a Chinese restaurant was Sustainable Free Range from a local farmer. When our hosts found we were interested in sustainable food they took us to the new BERKELEY BOWL WEST. This store makes Whole Foods look like a 7- eleven. They apparently started as a produce store and expanded into meat, fish, dairy, and ethnic foods. In all categories the variety is incredible. I did not know that there so many varities of carrots and olives. There were fish species I had never seen in our stores. Several brands of all the cuts of grass fed beef and half a dozen brands of Free Range and organic chicken most labeled antibiotic free were available. While the prices were higher than we are accustomed to, it showed us that people were willing to pay for higher quality. The store was jammed with people. It also shows that people will pay for quality even in tough economic times.



February 18, 2010

Company contacted on 2/18/10
1. Chickens raised in Cromwell KY
2. Spokeswomen assures that chickens have plenty of room in football field size facility. Visitors not allowed.
3. Walmart appears to be the only retail outlet.
4. She gets to Salisbury a lot.
5. The disposition of contaminated chickens when antibiotics are used to save the flock is confidential.Sold to private buyers
Conclusions and questions:
Appears to be the same old confinement chicken grown without hormones and antibiotics.

Is this a market test by Perdue or Walmart?

Is the 50% price differential an indication of attrition?

This is a step in the right direction certainly in the interest of consumer health but it does not solve the severe soil, water quality destruction issues in East Coast estuaries caused by chicken production nor the damage done by trillions of pathogens generated by these facilities.

Florida Walmart sells antibiotic & hormone free chickens

February 2, 2010

2/3/10 – Most of our reporting on America’s Food system is extremely concerning because for the most part it is a story about natural resource and health destruction. I am therefore anxious to report that most of the chicken sold by Walmart at their superstore just below Englewood, Florida during our winter vacation on Florida’s West Coast was produced by Harvest Land of Horsham PA. This is obviously a co-op since each of our chickens have had a different farmers name on the label. The label words naturally, humanely, and cage free raised have no real meaning however antibiotic and hormone free also on the label have major health significance and most likely come from a less dense CAFO environment than typical for our area of the Delmarva Peninsula. These broilers averaged about 4 pounds and were selling for 1.47 per pound. There was a continuous supply during our 1st month of vacation which was about double the number of Perdue and Tyson Broilers which were selling in an adjacent bin for 95 cents per pound.

The eating quality of these birds is outstanding and we highly recommend. We have not been able to communicate with the company for further details but we do know that these chickens do not come from members of the Delmarva Poultry Association which is actively fighting legislation to ban antibiotics and growth hormones. It is also significant that Walmart is provided residents of Maryland’s Eastern Shore an oportunity to eat chicken which is not destroying local topsoil and is not destroying water quality in the Choptank and other Eastern shore Rivers and streams. Walmart and the buyers of these chickens should be congratulated for this.

Submitted by Donald R. Kerstetter, Trappe Landing Farm & Native Sanctuary