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The Conscious Cook-by Tal Ronnen

February 11, 2011

Tal Ronnen author of “the conscious cook” and most other vegan chefs who are perfecting meatless recipes get involved because of their abhorrence of cutting up animals for food. Most of them I am sure do not realize that modern industrial agriculture does much more than just abuse and ultimately kill animals, (See our animal abuse archive).Huge areas of the Countries land where slopes are not too steep or the land is not too wet have been turned into an ecological desert. The land has been ploughed hedgerow to hedgerow for decades if not centuries to grow corn mostly to feed food animals. It takes 14 times more land to plant corn to feed animals, and then eat the animals, as it does to consume plant food directly. The result is that wildlife cannot exist in vast areas of the Country. Also shortcuts in soil management have squandered our topsoil. Farmer and Soil Scientist Francis Thicke who operates a pastured dairy farm in Iowa estimates that Iowa has lost half its topsoil since industrial agriculture began. Excess fertilizer and tons of animal manure have been washed downstream destroying not only the Nations Rivers but also estuaries like the Gulf and Chesapeake Bay. Now we know that industrial methods used to fatten the animals in half the normal growing time creates a tender but extremely fat animal product. Testing at the U. of Colorado indicates that factory-produced hamburger has 7 times more saturated fat than pasture raised hamburger. In 2010 three cancer groups released studies that pointed to red meat (beef,pork,lamb,goat) and dairy as the primary cause of many cancers. Harvard University released studies that tied heart disease, diabetes and stroke to red meat consumption Tal Ronnen’s book “the conscious chef” in addition to its fine recipes also lists 8 upscale and 5 casual vegan restaurants. We are about to make our 3rd visit to Horizons in Philadelphia. We have had an evaluation “best in the west” of Millennium in SanFrancisco. We now know that Vegan food can be a superior eating experience much superior to conventional food. In addition the obvious health and environmental benefits make it our food of choice. We are now completely vegetarians but still eat eggs, and fish which makes us not quite vegan.


Horizons- an exciting eating experience & more

January 12, 2011

Chef Rich Landau started Horizons restaurant in the suburbs of Philadelphia because of his love of cooking and his conscious objection to cutting up animals for food.

We went to his restaurant now in downtown Philadelphia a few months ago because of our growing concern about the environmental destruction caused by corn feed used in CAFOs and the damage to the environment caused by raising animals in their own feces in these perfect pathogen incubators described by scientists at Johns Hopkins University in their magazine (see our reference # 21). We also have an increasing concern about the connection between most of the meat produced by these facilities and the US cancer and heart disease epidemics as described in long term studies by Harvard University and by world studies described in our recent posts.

Horizons is one of eight upscale meat free restaurants Nationwide recommended by Chef Tal Ronnen in his excellent book “the conscious cook”.

We went to the restaurant with low expectations expecting a dull eating experience and found just the opposite. We are now well along a pathway to meat-free eating. It is turning into  a very positive and exciting experience.

Healthy Recipes That Save our Natural Resources

March 18, 2010

The following recipes were selected to maximize health while considering the Nations water quality and topsoil loss disasters. The emphasis is on the Mediterranean diet, which minimizes meat, uses olive oil, avoids corn-based products and maximizes fruits, vegetables, and seafood. Another resource is Anne Whites well Illustrated Book.

Note: These recipe sites contain interesting comments from people who have tried the recipe. In most cases we have not yet tried the recipe and depend on the opinion of others who have. Ultimately we will depend on you the readers for your taste assessment and comments.

Chicken recipe using tomatoes and olive oil

Industrial chicken production is destroying topsoil and water quality in all East Coast estuaries. Please use pasture raised. The site may be helpful in identifying farmers.

Black Bean Soup

Legumes get most of their nitrogen from the atmosphere and are efficient in nitrogen use.

A change in Thinking About Shellfish

Shellfish have no adverse environmental effect. They are increasingly victims of our corn based food production system.

Fiery Beef and Noodle Salad

Pasture raised beef is high in omega 3 and CLA. Their production method builds topsoil and can be nutrient neutral on water quality. CAFO raised beef is the opposite in all these criteria plus the negative effects of feed additives and E.coli.

Petite Shanghai Cabbage w/hoisin sauce

Cabbage is particularly vulnerable to pesticide in chemical sprays. Ask site for names of organic farmers on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Healthy French Fries & Seared Brussels Sprouts

Beet green Tangerine Salad

Greens are particular vulnerable to pesticide in chemical sprays. Use organic if possible.

Grilled Salmon

note: Wild Alaskan salmon is excellent food but most Atlantic Salmon found in supermarkets is raised in unsanitary conditions in pens in Maine, fed corn. and thought to be the cause of diseases in wild fish.