Who Is Pushing Grandma Over the Cliff?


Perhaps you have seen the Democrat reelection campaign depiction of someone who has a striking resemblance to Paul Ryan pushing a wheelchair with an elderly women over a cliff. I was appalled by this political trick to portray the only leader who has stepped up with a plan to fix the broken Medicare program this way. After reading Karl Denninger’s opinion on his Capital Markets website, the Market Ticker, I have a more accurate depiction of the full picture. The people who are pushing the elderly women over the cliff should include President Obama representing the do nothing, status quo and the person with the responsibility for a fix at this time. But the pushers should also include the old lady herself depicted in her younger years when she was making choices about food and exercise, which led to her unfortunate position in the wheelchair. Also others responsible for our food system should be pushing the wheelchair including the leaders of the Corn Growers association and Pork Producers Association representing the agribusiness lobby who are responsible for producing our sugar and fat based food. What this proposed revised picture would not portray is the environmental destruction including our soil and our water assets, Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. But adding these people would make a more accurate depiction of those responsible for our Medicare disaster.
Thanks to Thomas Hughes for forwarding Capital Markets excellent critique of Medicare.


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